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St. Joseph's School
    Banka, Bihar

The Principal's Office

Rules & Regulation

  1. Candidates whose age is more than 4 years 3 months will not admitted in LKG. No student will be admitted in a particular class if he/ she is found overage for the class for which admission is sought. Proper and appropriate age is one of the main criteria for admission of a candidate in any class.
  2. Guardians are asked to fill in the admission form with the at most accuracy. No subsequent changes will be permitted there after for any reason what so ever.
  3. Any student who has attended other school previously cannot be admitted with out a transfer certificate and conduct certificate.

Examination and promotion:
  1. Promotions are given on the basis of one years work and not merely on marks scored in the final exam. Every student must be present for the terminal exams.
  2. Each student is required to be present for 85% of school days as pre-conditions for promotion.
  3. The result declared at the end of the year is final and cannot be reconsidered and in all questions of promotion or failure, Principal’s decision is final.
  4. There shall be neither re-test nor re-exam.
  5. There are at least three examinations in year ie, Quarterly, Half yearly and final.
  6. Any one who resorts to unfair means in the examinations will be dismissed instantly.

  1. Before withdrawing a student from the school, a month notice is to be given or a month’s fee in lieu of notice.
  2. No transfer certificate will be issued unless requested in writing by the parents and the dues are cleared.
  3. Any pupil failing two years in the same class or failing twice in the three consecutive years will be struck off the roll and transfer certificate will be issued.
  4. The Principal reserves to himself the right to dismiss the students, who fail to make satisfactory progress in his or her studies or whose conduct in any way is detrimental to the discipline of the institution, for immorality ,insubordination or contempt without prior notice to the parents.
  5. Notwithstanding anything to the prospectus, the principal may at his absolute discretion ask any parent at anytime to take his ward out of the school.

  1. Each pupil is entitled to take out as loan one book at a time while each teacher is entitled to take out two books at a time and keep the same for fifteen days. Periodical publication, Dictionaries, Guides and other costly reference books shall not be lent out.
  2. The students are expected to return the books in the same condition as they were borrowed. If a book is damaged or lost the student will be requested to pay replacement cost. cleared.
  3. The attention of the Librarian should be drawn to the damage of the books about to be borrowed.
  4. Issue of the books may at any time be suspended by order of the Principal.
  5. All books taken from the library should be returned two weeks before the examinations.

  1. In the event of an accident, several courses of action may be taken depending upon seriousness of the accident.
  2. Scrapes and scratches or any injury that can be treated with ointment and band aid will be dealt with at the school.
  3. The case of open or heavily bleeding wounds broken bones unconsciousness etc, the child will be taken to the emergency department at the hospital and the parents will be notified immediately.

  1. Fees have to be deposited in the Bank of India. The Bank will accept fees on every working day
    Time : 10.30 am to 2.30 pm (Monday to Friday)
    10.30 am to 12.30 noon (Saturday)
    Defaulters will have to pay late fine of Rs. 20/-
  2. The fees cover twelve calendar months and may be paid in monthly installments or in advance. No reduction is made for holidays or broken periods. Pupils will be charged full fees as long as their names are officially on the rolls.
  3. The school reserves its right to revise the fees without prior notice.
  4. Fee defaulters may be barred from the examination and are liable to have their name struck off the rolls.

  1. Transportation of school children is arranged by the school for those residing in the town area but a seat in a bus is not guaranteed. School bus runs through the main roads and halts at fixed places. Arrangements therefore must be made by the guardians to bring the children to the bus stop and take them back home.
  2. Conveyance fee is charged according to distance and are to be paid along with tuition fees monthly. Fee of an entire month will be charged even for partial use of the conveyance in any month.
  3. The school bus service is directly under the control of the Principal. Any suggestion or complaints may be made only to the Principal and not to the bus staff.
  4. Reasonable care is taken by the school for the safety of the children in the school premises. But the school authorities shall not be held responsible for accidents and other eventualities which are beyond their control.
  5. A student should not be taken off the bus at stops that she / he does not use each day. In case of serious need, a letter from parents should be written to the Principal a day in advance. So that correct procedures may be maintained.
  6. Students must bring their bus passes daily.
  7. Students who want to discontinue the use of the school bus should inform the school authorities at least one month in advance.
  8. Bus facility cannot be cancelled after 30th of November. In case of cancellation, remaining months fees will be charged.
  9. Even for the partial use of the conveyance. Fees of 11 months will be charged.
  10. Conveyance facilities may be withdrawn for disciplinary reasons .

General Guide lines for Parents and students:
  1. Parents and guardians are requested cooperate with the school authorities in all matters concerning formation and education of their child. Parents are to look into the school diary every evening and see to it that the lessons and home works assigned for the next day are done. Remarks made in the diary by the Principal or the teacher should be seen and countersigned.
  2. Criticism of child’s teacher of his / her school in the presents of child should be avoided as it is likely to effect the good name of both.
  3. If the parents have any grievance against any of the teachers, they are advised to meet the Principal and settle the matter amicably.
  4. We do not recommend that parents engage private tutors unnecessarily. We discourage tuitions since they may prove harmful to the real progress of the pupil and parents are to seek Principal’s permission to engage the school teachers for private tuition. School teachers are not permitted to take tuition for their own students.
  5. Parents are always welcome to interview the Principal to discuss the progress of the children either during the Principal’s meeting hours specified in the diary or through a prior appointment. To consult the teachers regarding the progress of their children appointment is to be made through the Principal or Vice principal for free periods of teachers or after class hours.
  6. Parents are expected to urge your wards to be regular and punctual in attendance and insist on neatness and cleanliness in the text books, exercise books and personal appearance.
  7. No parents / Guardian is allowed to go to any class room or go upstairs with out the specific permission from school authorities.
  8. Parents are not allowed to see their wards during class hours with out special permission of the Principal.
  9. Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence , habitual late coming, disobedience or objectionable behavior of any kind, may result in removal of a student from the school.
  10. Children are held responsible for unnecessary or willful damage to school property. A flat payment will be charged to help offset the cost of repairs or replacement as necessary.
  11. No student is permitted to leave the school premises expect on the strength of a letter of authorisation from his / her guardian.
  12. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. Each articles should be marked with the pupils name. No jewellery is to be worn in the school.
  13. Every child attending school is obliged to take part in drills, games and other school activities. For health reasons, a student can be exempted from drills, games and other activities provided the parents inform the school about it in writing.
  14. Student must be in the school well in time to be ready for the morning assembly before the class begins. The school gate will be closed five minutes before class begins and students who come late will not be allowed to attend the school for that day.
  15. Staying away from school with out leave is not tolerated except when the case is sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances. No leave of absence is given nor a student is allowed to go away from school during school hours without a previous written application from the guardian stating the reason which must be a serious one. Whenever leave has been sanctioned, the fact should be recorded in the regularity record.
    After an absence from class, pupils must bring the reason duly entered in the regularity record stating briefly the case of absence or delay. Any student who has been absent from the school for more than 20 calendar days without Principal’s permission or with out proper information to the school will be struck off the roll and may not be re-admitted.
    In case of genuine and convincing reason for the absence the Principal may grand permission to a student to continue his / her study in the school provided he / she takes re-admission in the school paying fresh admission fee and clearing all pending dues to the school.
  16. Medical certificate is necessary in case of sickness for over three days.
  17. Three weeks quarantine period must be observed for whooping cough, chicken pox, Measles and Mumps. Students infected by the infections diseases or exposed to such diseases in their homes must complete the quarantine period before rejoining school. This should be indicated on the Medical Certificate. rolls.
  18. Identity card should be produced by parents / guardian in the office for any reason while taking their wards from school.
  19. Leave for religious ceremonies or special occasions must be obtained before hand.
  20. Early departure. It is availed when there is an emergency at home or a student get sick in the school. It is not granted to those who come from home sick. A sick child must not come to school for any reason whatsoever.
  21. Students are to address their teachers and all members of school staff with due respect and politeness . Arrogant and challenging behavior towards teaching or nonteaching staff is not desired. It can result in suspension of the student from the school.
  22. On their way to and from school, students must behave in a gentlemanly manner with due honour to the name of the school.
  23. Smoking, chewing pan, chewing gum betel-nut or tobacco etc. are strictly forbidden within the school precinct.
  24. Students are not allowed to bring fancy items to school such as electronic gadgets (fancy watches, the digital diaries, cell phones, cameras, walkman etc.)
  25. Students must speak only in English with in the school campus. Serious steps will be taken against those found speaking regional language.