Welcome To
St. Joseph's School
    Banka, Bihar

The School Band

The school band is a pride of our school and a source of inspiration for our students

Aim and objectives of our School

St. Joseph school, Banka does not believe in imparting ‘Knowledge’ as merely ‘information’ but insists on giving value based education which the world needs most today. So the school has set its aim as to give a well balanced integral and all around development to young boys and girls by imparting an education which is morally, physically and mentally sound. Therefore character building through sound education and to train our students become men and women for others are the objectives of this Christian minority school in Banka. Having an educated head is important but more important is to have an educated heart.

With a fine blending of Indian culture, tradition and modernity, this value – based education, with impetus on sound character building so as to make an earnest attempt to create our students proud citizens of tomorrow’s India has made St. Joseph’s School, Banka unique among other educational institutions in this regions. St. Joseph school, Banka aims at academic excellence, virtuous character and self discipline integrity of each student.